AP January Family Social – A night of Transparency

AP NOVA celebrated together in an After-The-Holidays family social. We had a wonderful turnout, lots of great food, and interactive activities that really highlighted the evening.

A brilliant activity brought forth by one of our evening organizers, Dino Medler, included everyone in the company submitting a single word they felt described the company best.  Suffice it to say, all of the words were amazingly positive and inspiring to the executive leadership team.

The two words that came out on top were Dedicated and Transparency.

The two team leaders went head to head in a pretty heated debate to argue their team’s justification for why their words should win out to be the overall company identifying the word.

In the end, Transparency won by a landslide in a vote.
Considering Transparency is apart of the company’s Mission Statement is extremely fair to say this is an overall quality AP strives to be dedicated to consistently. ¬†No doubt it is a word that can describe the company as a whole.

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy an evening with HQ. Here’s to many more wonderful events together!